Osmo has a Hardwax-Oil Finish For All of Your Projects

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From your floors, to your fences, to your cutting boards, to your children's toys, Osmo has a finish that's right for your project. 

 Osmo uses carefully harvested natural oils (sunflower, soya, linseed and thistle oils) and hard waxes (carnauba and candelilla waxes) for it’s finishes. All of the interior finishes, once dry fulfill both the DIN EN 71.3 (suitable for children’s toys) and DIN 53160 (fast to perspiration and saliva) and as such is safe for humans, animals and plants. Including the Wood Wax Finishes, which are a great way to add some color to your project. 

The Polyx-Oil is a durable, all purpose finish for all interior projects from floors to children's toys. 

The Wood Wax Finish gives you a choice of color while still having all of the great benefits of a hardwax-oil finish. 

The TopOil is a fantastic, chemical resistant finish for cutting boards, countertops, and more! 

The Exterior UV-Protection Oil has 12X the UV protection as raw wood and will protect against mold and algae growth.

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  • DC from Kingsland
    I would like to use Osmo polyx-oil on stair treads, but I want to stain the wood. Would I use one of the Osmo wood wax, such as 3143, then follow with polyx-oil? Also, could I use other stains from other manufacturers, then coat with polyx-oil? Also, what is the difference between 3041 and 3043?
  • LH from Parkersburg
    Hi DC, here is a 2-part answer from our product manager Kent: Osmo Wood Wax Colors are for use under Polyx-Oil. They can be used over other stains but be sure the other product is dry, and spot test to be certain there are no issues. When mixing brands, always test first for compatibility.
  • LH from Parkersburg
    Part 2: Polyx-Oil Neutral contains 1% white pigment to combat the amber look of the natural oils and waxes used. Especially effective of lighter woods like white oak. On darker woods, some of the white pigments will settle in the grain to give a muted look. Since the question involves staining first, Neutral would not be the ideal product to use. Hope this helps! - KH

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