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This article is from Issue 108 of Woodcraft Magazine

I would like to make the three-drawer spinning jewelry box in the latest issue, but if I’m going through the trouble of making the router jigs, may I produce several for sale at craft fairs and the like?

—Roger Anderson, via email

Chief Editor Chad McClung replies:

As a general rule, you’re more than welcome to build projects from Woodcraft Magazine for yourself or your loved ones – even if they pay you for your work. But if you plan to build multiples of any project as a business venture, you’ll need permission from the author. You wouldn’t want to profit from someone else’s design without consent. Part of our mission is to inspire. While Ken Burton’s jewelry box has inspired you to build, allow it to inspire you to design. Use our projects as a launchpad for designing your own work, growing yourself as a builder and a designer.


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