News & Views Issue 95: That Looks Familiar

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This article is from Issue 95 of Woodcraft Magazine.

RIKON’s “new” saw featured in the April/May issue (p. 13) looks a lot like the Craftsman I’ve had for a few years. And I think Ridgid makes one too. But whether it is RIKON, Rigid, or Craftsman I can attest to the veracity of Mr. Snyder’s review. It has been a rock-solid saw, does everything I ask of it, and is much better than what is usually called a “contractor” saw.

—Steve Robinson, Hagerstown, Maryland

Your review of the RIKON 10" Contractor saw reminded me a lot of my Craftsman. But it seems to me, based on the descriptions in the Expert Answers section (p. 68), that the Rikon should be classified as a hybrid saw.

—Mike Bracket, via email

RIKON product manager Rod Burrow replies:

Most saws originating from the Asian market share common lineage but are made in different factories. RIKON uses the term contractor for saws with an open stand, built-in mobility, and that are light enough to take to a jobsite. Hybrid saws are usually heavier with a more enclosed cabinet. The similarities between our contractor saw and a typical hybrid are motor horsepower and trunnions mounted to the table.


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