News & Views Issue 81: Advice for a Would-be Woodworker

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This article is from Issue 81 of Woodcraft Magazine.

advice for woodworkers

Advice for a would-be woodworker

I’m interested in becoming a woodworker, but I’m at the very beginning of my learning curve. Do you know of any good courses in my area? I’d appreciate any advice you can offer.

—Erasmo Calderon, San Antonio, Texas

Tim Snyder replies:
Thanks for reaching out to us. The world can’t have too many woodworkers; I’m glad you’re aiming to learn more about this area of craftsmanship. Here are a few ideas that might help you get started:

  • Make friends with the folks at your local Woodcraft store. (To find a nearby store,go to: There you should be able to make some new friends with similar interests, get free advice about tools, and perhaps take a few classes to build your skills. 
  • Read about it. Find a library or a used bookstore that has a selection of carpentry, woodworking and home-improvement books, and dig in.
  • Start your tool collection. Don’t forget to invest in eye, ear, and respiratory protection. 
  • Start making some sawdust. Take on some basic projects. Learn from your mistakes. 
  • More than anything else: enjoy the journey. 

One day, I’m sure that you’ll have a chance to pass on your knowledge to another aspiring craftsman.


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