News & Views: Cut the Cords

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This article is from Issue 102 of Woodcraft Magazine.

I enjoyed your Great Innovations in Woodworking (April/May 21) article but was surprised that you omitted advances in battery technology. I’m glad I no longer need to run an extension cord out to some far corner to drill a hole or drive a screw. And what a difference it makes to have the shop floor free of the tangle of cords. From drills and drivers to circular saws and jigsaws—and even nail guns and narrow crown staplers—cordless tools make a big difference in my shop.
—Robert Bennett, Port Ludlow, WA

Senior Editor Paul Anthony replies:
Of course we couldn’t hope to cover all the great innovations in woodworking in six pages, but you’re right that battery technology deserved some applause. I’ve been working wood for nearly 50 years myself, and the pre-battery days seem like the stone ages now. Cordless tools have made an immense difference in jobsite work and in the shop as well. So, yeah, thanks for pointing that out.


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