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Pen Inlay Kits

Hopefully you have seen our “How-To” on  Creating Custom Acrylic Pens blog and video by Ben Bice. Joining our exciting line of beautiful pen kit choices are these brand new additions brought in by our product development guru.

Individual Items & Retail Pricing:

Bow Fish Pen

Bow Fish Cross Inlay Kit, Item #849792, $19.99,

Celtic Knot Pen

Celtic Knot Inlay Kit, Item #153379, $19.99,

Pink Cancer Ribbon Pen

Pink Cancer Ribbon Inlay Kit, Item #849793, $19.99,

Herringbone 60 Pc Pen

Herringbone 60 piece Inlay 3-pack Kit, Item #153382, $49.99, with enough material to create 3 pens.

Herringbone 20 Pc Pen

Herringbone 20 piece Inlay 3-pack Kit, Item #153383, $49.99, with enough material to create 3 pens.

Poker Pen

Poker Pen Inlay Kit, Item #849802, $19.99,

Masonic Pen

Masonic Pen Inlay Kit, Item #153380, $19.99,

Musical Pen

Musical Pen Inlay Kit, Item #153381, $19.99,

Pen Inlay Kits

Great picks Ben!

Enhance your pen gifts with our many choices of pen cases.

Or start a collection of all the pens you turn to show off in one of these 48 Pen Lidded Aluminum Display Case, Item #152677:

Pen Inlay Kits

So for all you pen turners out there, check back with us often, as you never know what new items our product guys will come through with in the upcoming months to enhance your woodshop, and creative abilities, like these new pen blanks, (Left to Right), Scarlet & Gray, Item #152766Psycho, Item #152769, Inferno, Item #152775, and Candy Coated, Item #152778:

Pen Inlay Kits

…and these:

Try our new Barrel Bond 5-Minute Adhesive, Item #152719 on your pen kit assemblies. This is great for one pen or creating many pens at one setting, allowing for full contact with less gapping, and the time to get your pen tubes in place.

Turning your pen blanks couldn’t be easier when you use Easy Wood Turning Tools,

Once your pen tubes are glued to the blanks, and you have turned your pens, it’s time to assemble the pen kits and turned blanks with our brand new Milescraft Turner’s Press, Item #153375, for $49.99, also available fall of 2011,

Pen Inlay Kits

Don’t forget, you can always use our NEW Online Pen Designer to design and build your special pen before you purchase,

auf Wiedersehen…Frank

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