New & Notable: Issue 16

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This article is from Issue 16 of Woodcraft Magazine.

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Make Round Easy

Boggs Concave Spokeshave

Kentucky chair maker Brian Boggs and Lie-Nielsen Toolworks collaborated to produce this spokeshave that features a 25/8" diameter sole, ideal for working chair spindles and round parts. Bronze body is 95/8" long. $125

Lock Your Position

Jet Mini Lathe With Indexing Head

Jet’s popular Mini Lathe has been upgraded with an arbor lock and 24 position indexing, ideal for cutting tenons or fluting with shop-built router jigs. $300

Upgrade Your Apron

Tool Vest

More comfortable than a traditional apron, with more pockets than you’ll know what to do with! Practical chest pockets swing out when bending over to prevent contents from spilling. $40

Add Clamp Capability

Bessey K-Body Clamp Extender

Create custom clamp lengths with two K-Body or Woodcraft Parallel clamps and this clamp extender. $16

Clean And Flatten

Tormek Stone Truing & Dressing Tool

Precise control of your grinding wheel’s surface is possible with this new tool that features a built-in screw feed to move a diamond cutter tip across the stone. $64

Thread Your Chucks

Beall Spindle Taps

Machined in lathe spindle sizes, these taps are ready for you to drill and thread any wooden block to make a quick mounting jam or collet chuck for your lathe. $18

Always Draw Straight 

Pinnacle Precision T-Squares

This versatile tool allows accurate (to .001") measurement using easy-to-read rules marked in 1/32" increments and 1mm holes spaced every 1/16 ". Comes with case. Two sizes: 12", $80; 24", $110.

Fasten Much Faster

Grex Headless Pinners

Ideal for finishing and detailed woodworking, Grex pinners’ patented magazine avoids the need to adjust for different fastener lengths. Two models – 635, fastener range: 3/8" -13/8", $200; and Model 645, 1/2" -13/4", $280.

Measure With Confidence

Wixey Dual Display Fractional Digital Calipers

Work smart with this tool that displays the fractional and decimal equivalents at the same time for accurate, easy measurement. $50

Save Your Face

Uvex Bionic Face Shield 

Protect your face with this comfortable, lightweight shield that can be adjusted to wear with most goggles and respirators. $50 

Make Mounting Easy

Magswitch Mag-Jigs

Switchable on-off magnets let you attach your shop-built jigs to any steel surface such as a table saw, jointer, shaper or other equipment surface with these jigs. Two sizes: 20mm, $25; 30mm, $30.

Turn Marvelous Mugs

Stainless Steel Travel Mug Turning Kit

Craft a unique 16 oz. mug for your travels or for a gift using your favorite wood and this kit that includes a stainless steel liner, lid and instructions. $10


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