New Laguna Lathe is a Turner's Delight

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This article is from Issue 87 of Woodcraft Magazine.

Laguna Revo 12|16

Laguna’s new REVO lathe made a favorable first impression. It was good to see critical parts made from well-machined cast-iron, along with oversized, easy-to-use controls. The heavy-duty steel stand designed for this lathe is equally impressive. You can adjust the optional stand to put your spindle centers 39" to 45" high, and there’s a large shelf that will keep plenty of turning tools and accessories within easy reach.

Although mid-sized (the swing over the bed is 12-1/2" and the distance between centers is 15-1/2"), this Laguna has features and power that more closely match lathes that cost twice as much. Three speed ranges provide RPMs from 50-3500, and belt changes are quick and easy, thanks to a cleverly designed cam-action lever. Upgraded bearings provide a higher load rating than I’ll ever need, and Laguna’s innovative speed control system delivers better torque and efficiency than conventional speed control circuitry. 

The lathe that I tested came with the accessory stand ($325), and a task light ($150) with an articulating arm that enable you to get extra illumination exactly where it’s needed. Other accessories include a mobility kit for the stand ($150), and a 10" outboard table and banjo ($150).  

Aside from a few nooks and crannies in the stand that made great chip-catchers, the REVO was a pleasure to use. I turned an acrylic handle for a cheese slicer, a small cherry bowl, and a larger bowl made from a coolibah burl. 

I got vibration-free performance and enjoyed how easy everything worked—from the speed control to the tool rest’s height adjustment. Right out of the box, this lathe is ready to work, and built to last. n

—Tester, Ben Bice

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