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Quick and affordable shop flooring

Since our August/September issue (#66) came out, a few readers have inquired about the roll-out floor that we installed in my garage workshop –the magazine’s cover story. Here are a few more details based on the most common questions we’ve received. In case you haven’t seen the story, the floor is a polyvinyl rollout floor from Better Life Technology’s G-Floor. Many styles are available but I opted for the non-slip texture yet easy-to-clean coin pattern, which is one of their most popular.

Full disclosure: The flooring was donated to the magazine – we didn’t pay for it. Cost to buy this type of flooring is around $1.90 – $2.50 /sq. ft., not including shipping.

The G-Floor was delivered on time and intact. It was pretty hard to get those big heavy rolls into the garage, but once they’re in, it’s very easy to install. Roll it out and wait a few days for the heavy vinyl to lay flat. Then trim it and tape it. Easy.

The floor is comfortable to stand on for long periods of time. I’ve even had to lay on it for long periods installing a tow hitch on my wife’s SUV. You would think that the shiny vinyl surface would be slippery, but the raised coin pattern provides plenty of traction. Even stepping quickly into spilled water, I had no problem staying upright.

Drips and spills clean right up. Car oil has left light stains, but I’ve found that these can be minimized by cleaning up spills as soon as they’re noticed. I’m pretty confident that other spilled liquids will leave little trace if they’re cleaned up quickly. One of the best features of this floor is how easily and thoroughly it sweeps free of sawdust and other debris. Whether you’re using a broom or a vacuum, dust doesn’t stick or get trapped on the surface like it can on bare or painted concrete. The only location that can possibly trap dust is the long seam down the middle of the garage, where the floor’s two matts meet. 

I have had no problems moving heavy machinery around on the floor. I should mention, however, that I rely on mobile bases for larger machines and carts –important accessories in a shop that has to regularly serve as a garage. Speaking of that secondary function, my wife and I park our cars on the floor every day. So far, so good.

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