Modern Hayrake Table

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A contemporary dining table draws on English Arts & Crafts roots

The classic hayrake table is a large, sturdy, dining table born of the English Arts & Crafts movement. Typically featuring beefy legs and heavy components, the central “hayrake” structure ties the table legs together, while leaving room for chairs and human legs to fit comfortably under the table. The “hayrake” name comes from the way each end of that central structure mimics the appearance of a farmer’s tool used for gathering hay.

I’ve always admired the engineering of these hayrake structures, and I wanted to employ their elegant design inside a lighter-weight table for a modern household. My version features splayed legs and thinner components than its predecessors, while still enjoying the strength provided by the triangulated structure. The 3 × 5' tabletop will seat four comfortably, or six cozily, but the base could easily support a larger tabletop if you’re planning a bigger Thanksgiving feast.

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