Mobile Assembly Cart

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mobile assembly cart

Keep drills, nailers, glues, and hardware close at hand.

Overall dimensions: 221⁄4"w × 16"d × 525⁄8"h

Good stock and seamless joinery are important components in a successful woodworking project, but nails, screws, and glue are the real power players. These simple items may not warrant the same fanfare, but without them, most projects would fall apart at the seams.

If you have ever wasted an afternoon hunting for a bottle of glue or rummaging through old coffee cans for a handful of 11⁄4" pocket screws, then this cart is for you. Despite its small footprint, this convenient carryall can store a shop’s worth of hardware and adhesives. What’s more, the sides offer additional storage space for nailers, drills, and drivers. And thanks to a set of 21⁄2" casters, you can roll this assembly assistant into service when and where it’s needed, and park it out of the way when the job is done.

The project requires a sheet of 3⁄4" plywood and a few strips of 1⁄2" plywood or hardwood, and can be built using portable power tools. The shelves have been tailored to fit common plastic bins. As an alternative, you can easily build your own custom compartments by following the sidebar on page 23.

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