Mitersaw Flip-Stop

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Mitersaw Flip-Stop

Clamping a stopblock to the right-hand side of a power mitersaw blade to register short multiple workpieces can be dicey. That’s because the freed workpiece becomes trapped between the blade and the block, inviting kickback. Although you could set up the cut by placing a removable spacer against the stopblock, I find it more efficient to use a flip-stop.

Here’s a very effective flip-stop made from two blocks of wood connected with a shutter hinge. To use it, simply locate the stop where desired, and then clamp the fixed block to your saw fence. Set up the cut by butting your workpiece against the flip-stop, and then lift it up out of the way before making the cut.

The wraparound shutter hinge(, #504050, $6.59/pr.) is crucial to the jig’s operation. This hinge’s low pivot point produces an arc that allows the stop to swing clear without pushing against and shifting the workpiece…almost. To create the needed clearance, simply cut a 116" chamfer on the bottom corner of the block.

-John Cusimano, Lansdale, Pennsylvania


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