Micro-Adjustable Box-Joint Jig

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Make projects with a choice of four finger sizes.

Designer: Dick Reese 
Builder: Bill Sands

Overall dimensions: 18 1⁄4"w × 12"d × 4 1⁄4"h

Box joints provide a strong, attractive way to assemble drawers, chests, and boxes of all types. But to cut clean, consistent fingers and notches you need a jig that adjusts in fine increments. Unlike the simple tablesaw jig in the Oct/Nov 2008 issue that cuts only one size finger, this model, with its switchable finger keys, lets you cut precision box joints having 1⁄8", 1⁄4", 3⁄8", or 1⁄2" fingers. After micro-adjusting the setting with the end knob, you can lock it in with the two five-star knobs. Also, the replaceable hardboard backers eliminate tear-out, resulting in splinter-free cuts.

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