Mario Fuchs’ Lesson on Sharpening Carving Tools

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During our class carving time, Mario gave us an extensive perspective of how he sharpens his carving tools. See pics below and several videos to follow:

Grinder Sharpen 1
Grinder Sharpen 2

Grinder Sharpen 3


These videos were broken down into 8 segments due to the 8mb limitation upload per file allowed. Click on the attached links to view the video in only two parts on YouTube, Part 1, and Part 2,
During the lesson on sharpening, it is suggested that the tool  is tested on a scrap piece of wood to verify any nicks in the cutting blade and not use a finger nail or any portion of the body for safety reasons.
Next up  is our trip to Ballenburg and Pfeil Tools Production facility…stay tuned!

Auf wiedersehen….Frank & Liz

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