Making Pumpkin Carving Tools from Woodworking Tools

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Pumpkin Cutting Tools

I needed a better way to carve a Halloween pumpkin than just using a kitchen knife. The solution was to make two cutters using a jigsaw blade and a scrollsaw blade.  The jigsaw blade would be my rough cutter and the scrollsaw blade my detail cutter.

I cut two lengths of 1/2" dowel about 4" long.  On one end of one of the dowels I used my bandsaw to cut a centered slot about 1/2” long.  On one end of the other dowel I drilled a 1/8" hole 1/2" deep.

I used CA glue on the mounting end of the jigsaw blade and affixed it in the slot in the dowel piece.

 I cut the scrollsaw blade 4" long at an angle using wire cutters to make a point.  I used CA glue to glue the square end of the scroll blade into the round hole in the end of the second dowel.

I now have a set of rough and detailed cutters for pumpkin carving.  They are safer to use than a kitchen knife, and I can create more imaginative designs.

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