Make Molded, Mitered Picture Frames

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Achieve frame-shop perfection with help from a pro.

On the surface, creating perfectly mitered picture frames may seem simple. But unless you take the needed precautions during the saw setup, cutting, and assembly, you could 
find your frame sides refusing to play nice. Gaps at mitered joints, tearout, and mismatched grain could ambush your efforts, resulting in fireplace kindling or material for the local comedy club. As a frame shop owner for 12 years and long-time teacher of picture-framing classes, I’ll take you through the careful process of creating professional-looking molded, mitered frames using contrasting woods. In addition to using tools you already have, I’ll introduce a useful jig and framing tools that will result in the tightest possible joints, ensuring that your craftsmanship displays as well as the captured image. Note: Following the frame project, I’ll show you how to size and cut matting and glass, and help you hang your frame, beginning on page 43

Picture Frames

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