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Michael Scott Morton or just “Morton” as he prefers to be called, has been designing and building furniture for over ten years.  Located in Harvard, Massachusetts, Morton is carrying on a family tradition dating back to 1870 when his great-great-grandfather founded in Edinburgh, Scotland the “Morton and Co” furniture business.


Morton meets, talks and works with each person to create unique, custom-designed, functional furniture. Discussing ideas and developing designs with clients one-on-one, leading to beautiful, stylish concepts turned into perfect furniture reality.

This lamp was shown at the New England Home Show in Boston at the Wood Expo 2011, by Morton, and can be used with a pedestal stand or hung from a ceiling fixture to accent the perfect look and lighting in your rooms decor.

M Scott

By changing the lamp shade design, this lighting fixture can add beauty to any area of the home or office.

It’s sturdy design with dovetail keys, center post  “T” slot construction and contemporary electrical wire lighting system gives it an old fashioned wood structure with a modern appeal.

Morton’s interview shows his joy of working with people, enthusiasm of woodworking furniture making, and love for his creative abilities,

M Scott

Morton’s attention to detail really comes through on all of his works,

This guy can really design a great looking, quality piece of furniture, so contact Morton by email at morton@scottmorton.com or www.scottmorton.com to collaborate a special work of art to your liking.

More from New England’s Home Show at the Wood Expo and a story about a USMC Sergeant making a difference in the community with educating young adults in woodworking, teamwork, and life skills.

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