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The good looks and sculpted lines of this hanging corner cabinet stand out on their own, but joining them with figured maple makes for an electrifying combination.

I sometimes design work from a specific historical period, like the Queen Anne table I designed for the first issue of Woodcraft Magazine. The table’s cabriole legs, spoon feet and scalloped top are all characteristic of the Queen Anne period, although the form – a tall display table – didn’t exist in the 18th century, at least to my knowledge.

The design antecedents of this little corner cupboard are more difficult to identify. The corner cabinet has a long history in the genre of American country furniture, and details like the bandsawn profile at the bottom of the cabinet suggest early precedents. However, the moldings were cut with late 19th-century planes, and the scallops below the doors were borrowed from a different 19th-century source, so although it is clearly a piece that has historical roots, I’m not sure what period I’d assign to it: Victorian maybe?     

But you know, it doesn’t matter – I like the way it looks.

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