Kansas Woodworker Wins Woodcraft/Today’s Homeowner Sweepstakes

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Darrin Arment, winner of the "Cool Tools Sweepstakes."

Darrin Arment of Hiawatha, Kansas, is the lucky winner of the “Cool Tools Sweepstakes” sponsored by Woodcraft and Today’s Homeowner. He received a $1,000 Woodcraft Gift Card.

Darrin’s name was selected from 6,109 sweepstakes entrants. He is a customer of the Kansas City Woodcraft Store and listens to the Today’s Homeowner radio program where he learned about the sweepstakes.

The sweepstakes winner already knows how he wants to use his prize: “My plan is to apply the prize towards the purchase of a Next Wave CNC Machine.”

“Woodcraft is happy to join with Today’s Homeowner in sponsoring this giveaway,” Woodcraft President and CEO Jack Bigger said. “Congratulations and best wishes to Darrin Arment as he uses his Woodcraft Gift Card to expand his personal collection of woodworking tools.”

An agricultural education and building trades/industrial technology instructor for the past 20 years, Arment’s interest in making things with wood dates back to school days when he created 4-H projects with his dad and took woodworking classes. As an adult he has used his woodworking skills for many household projects, including a garden/storage shed he is just finishing at the Arments’ new home. His favorite projects are Craftsman/Mission furniture pieces that he designs and builds.

Darrin’s new home lacks a shop, so he is currently working in the garage. “The plan is to begin construction on a new shop as soon as the cost of building materials has stabilized,” he said. 

Although he has worked with his daughter on her 4-H projects in the past, Darrin said, “At this time, no one else in the family has been bitten by the woodworking bug.”

Darrin is a firm believer in the value of working with one’s hands and has tried to instill that value in his students.

“If we were developing skills which could be applied to a future DIY project, students could see the advantage and the satisfaction of being able to have the skill sets needed to make home improvements or repairs on their own,” Darrin shared. “When they would be working on a woodworking project, I would tell them that they were making a future family heirloom that could be passed down through future generations.”

“Cool Tools Giveaway” Sponsors

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Woodcraft is the industry leader in providing top quality products, educational opportunities and one-on-one guidance to woodworkers at all skill levels. For more information about Woodcraft and its products, contact the store nearest you, visit www.woodcraft.com or call (800) 535-4482.

Our thanks to Darrin for sharing his woodworking/DIY/teaching story with our readers.

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