It’s smart to work on your hangups

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Project contributed by Tim Snyder, Chief Editor of Woodcraft Magazine

Life gets much easier when you have an ample supply of hooks or pegs to hang things on. It’s convenient (and much neater) to have some hangup space for favorite caps, t-shirts, scarves, sweatshirts and belts that might otherwise be strewn over chairs, beds, or dressers. Transforming an empty wall space into useful storage space is a small project that you and your family will appreciate it a big way. Whether you’re tackling this project yourself of subbing it out to your favorite carpenter, the ingredients are pretty basic. 

  • Start with a good base for mounting pegs or coat hooks. You’ll need a narrow, knot-fee length of solid wood (A 1x4 piece of pine, oak, maple or cherry will work nicely).
  • Size the rack to fit the space where it will be installed, and mark peg or hook locations 4-6 in. apart.
  • Edge and finish the board before installing pegs or hooks. Give the edges of the board a nice decorative treatment with a router and a round-over or cove bit.  Depending on the appearance you’re after, the board can be finished with stain, clear varnish, or paint.
  • Install the rack by fastening into studs, if possible. Otherwise, use screws and heavy-duty drywall anchors.

PHOTO: Pegs & hooks to the rescue. This simple peg rack has a painted pine backer board and wood pegs finished with a contrasting dark stain.

Woodcraft has an impressive supply of wood pegs, metal hooks, paints, stains and varnishes. If you elect to use wood pegs, make sure you have a drill bit that matches the diameter of the peg’s round tenon.

PHOTO: Adding support brackets and a shelf, as shown here, gives you two types of storage space.

Need help getting organized? Stop by your local Woodcraft store and ask about storage solution projects, classes or supplies to get you on your way. We're here to help with any project you can dream up. 

We hope you'll be inspired! 

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