Issue 81 (February/March 2018)

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BasicBUILDS: Simple Six-Board Chest (pg 24)

1×12 pine boards never had it so good! Basic tools are all you need to build a sturdy chest embellished with old-style cut nails and a painted finish.

Build a Classic Shaker Counter (pg 36)

Inspired by an antique built by a master craftsman, this bureau is a catalog of traditional joinery details. Are you ready to create your own heirloom?

Standing Mirror with Storage (pg 50)

Here’s a project that will reflect your best craftsmanship and style. The hinged mirror frame hides a shallow compartment for storing jewelry and other treasures.

Tools & Techniques

Bust Dust for Good (pg 30)

Keep the air clean and the shop floor clear with advice on dust collectors, shop vacs, fixtures, accessories, and layout.

Rabbeted, Half-Blind Dovetail Drawers (pg 46)

Take advantage of power tools and precise techniques to create classic drawers with custom-sized dovetails.

Table Saw Kick Switch (pg 58)

Add toe-touch turnoff capability to your table saw. This shop-made upgrade enhances safety and convenience, and it’s easy to make.


Profiles (pg 8)

News & Views (pg 10)

Hot New Tools (pg 14)

Tips & Tricks (pg 18)

WoodSense (pg 62)

Famous Furniture (pg 66)

Expert Answers (pg 70)


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