Issue 80 (December/January 2018)

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Have Fun with Transforming Tables! (pg 21)

1×12 pine and dowels never looked so good. Build a few of these compact tables, and you’ll also be able to use them as stools, benches, or stacking shelves.

Board Feat! (pg 33)

Why not treat your next cutting board to a pair of dovetailed cleats? This  extra step makes lots of difference—in visual appeal and warp resistance.

Make a Mountain Dulcimer (pg 36)

Here’s the perfect project to try out your skills as a luthier and prove that music sounds sweeter on a handmade instrument.

Quick-Spun Box (pg 51)

Don’t throw away that tiny piece of wood! With Mike Kehs’s expert advice, you can turn this nondescript blank into a beautiful round box with a snug-fitting top that “pops” when you take it off.

Celebrate in Style with a Wooden Bow Tie (pg 61)

Bring some workshop whimsy to dress-up occasions with bow ties that are fun to make, wear, and give as gifts.

Tools & Techniques

Best Books for Woodworkers (pg 26)

Step aside, YouTube. This selection of cellulose stands strong as a major source of woodworking information and inspiration. You’re sure to find a few must-have titles in this well-organized book collection.

6 Hand Sanding Secrets (pg 44)

Put these abrasive tips and tricks to work, and you’ll discover the big secret: hand sanding can be fun.

Souped-Up Spindle Gouge (pg 58)

Add a side grind to this roughing tool, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at its increased versatility.


Tips & Tricks (pg 12)

Expert Answers (pg 70)

Wood Filler (pg 72)

Fire Palaces


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