Intro to Woodworking Tool list

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Intro to Woodworking and Cabinet Making Hand tool list

The details listed under each tool are recommendations with the associated Woodcraft Part # - (xxxxx) when needed.

Clicking on the Woodcraft Part # will take you to the correct web page.

Prices, Links and Part #'s accurate as of 05/01/2017 and may change without notice.

Woodcraft offers a 10% discount off of the normal retail price to you as a student.

If you have any questions, you can call the store before you make any tool purchases.


   - Safety

      a. Safety Glasses

      b. Dust Mask

      c. Hearing Protection

   - Wood pencils - Whatever you find is most comfortable to use, a Mechanical pencil is acceptable, a Carpenters Pencil would be a 2nd choice

   - Square (Only One needed. Suggested options.)

      a. Pinnacle 6” Double Square (04P57) – $56.50

      b. Starrett 6” Combination Square (06E44) – $97.50

      c. Pinnacle 12” Combination Square (149872) – $69.99

      d. Starrett 12” Combination Square (06R12) - $109.99

   - Rule (Only one needed. Suggested options.)

      a. WoodRiver 6" rule (140655) - $6.50

      b. WoodRiver 12" rule (140656) - $13.99

      c. Starrett 6" rule (830415) - $33.99

      d. Starrett 12" rule (160778) - $58.99

   - Tape Measure - 12, 16 or a 25 foot rule is acceptable.

          (Links will take you to what is available from Woodcraft)


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