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A Stylish Display for Your Presidential Dollars

Show off your presidential coin collection in style with this straightforward scrollsaw and sanding project that has room for 22 dollars. In a future issue, Woodcraft Magazine will feature Lincoln in a second presidential intarsia project with plenty of room for the remaining dollars.

The problem with most coin collections is that they’re hidden away in an album or drawer. Here’s an attractive alternative that’s also a fun introduction into intarsia, a technique that uses a scrollsaw, flexible drum sander, and a few scraps of contrasting woods. Intarsia is more than just a way to mimic the look of a three-dimensional carving. This technique offers the freedom to choose pieces of wood for color and grain textures. You won’t find a more rewarding project that uses so little material. 

For my work, I like adding detail, but “going the extra mile” doesn’t mean extra work. With the help of a few special accessories, I can quickly and easily add convincing details that look like I spent hours with a carving knife. Alternately, you can make a very attractive plaque without any texture at all. See a simpler version at

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