Impressive & Comfortable Summer Classic

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Handed down through generations and re-created here for the first time, this swing is the perfect companion to fresh breezes, cold drinks and the warm, starry nights of summer.  

It’s a fact: A good porch swing is one of the pure and simple pleasures of life. This particular model holds fond memories for me. My wife’s grandfather, Jake Dunlap of Jacksonburg, W.Va., built one for each of his four children. One of those four was my future mother-in-law.

When I went to visit my wife-to-be, we would while away the weekend hours talking and laughing on a swing almost exactly like this one. I remember being amazed – not that she actually liked me, but that the swing was so comfortable.

Jake was best known for his woodcarving. He had apparently gotten some hand-drawn patterns for the swing from a friend, but I made my patterns using one of his full-size swings as a reference.

I’ve made more than a dozen of these, and even sold a few. The seat and back are so ergonomic and comfortable, I even made some matching chairs and gliders.

This article shows a 6' version of the swing, but I’ve made 4' and even 7' models. This plan can easily be changed to the width you want; just adjust the length of the ribs and slats. 

The first time I built this swing, it took more than a week, because I didn’t use a nailer or a jointer, but now it can be done in a solid day or two.

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