Hot New Tools: WoodRiver Chisel Mallet

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This article is from Issue 83 of Woodcraft Magazine.

WoodRiver Chisel Mallet

One tough middleweight contender

WoodRiver Chisel Mallet

When it comes to chopping with a chisel, you might think that a mallet is a mallet is a mallet. But it ain’t necessarily so. I own mallets of various sizes and shapes, and I definitely reach for particular ones, depending on the job at hand. After introducing this 7"-long, 14-oz. aluminum and hard nylon tool to my arsenal a few months ago, I find myself reaching for it more and more. It’s solid, compact, comfortable, and terrifically tough. Being relatively small, it’s easy to maneuver, but hefty enough to deliver anything from a carefully controlled tap to a fairly vigorous pounding. This makes it great for chopping out everything from typical hardware recesses and dovetails to driving carving tools. Beautifully manufactured and darned hard to mar, this tool will outlast you. Bequeath it to someone you love.  

—Tester, Paul Anthony

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