Hot New Tools: Issue 73

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This article is from Issue 73 of Woodcraft Magazine.


Workshop worthy. The REAXX has the power and capacity to do the work of a cabinet saw. The included stand is sturdy, stable and mobile.

The tablesaw is usually the most important tool in a woodworking shop. It’s also the most dangerous—prompting an average of 33,000 emergency room visits per year in the U.S. and about 4,000 amputations. With statistics like these, it’s easy to recognize the significance of a saw that offers flesh-detecting, blade-braking technology. Since SawStop introduced the first finger-saving saw in 2004, thousands of professional and hobbyist woodworkers have made the leap to that super-safe machine.

Now it’s Bosch’s turn. Their REAXX saw combines features from their well-regarded 4100-series jobsite tablesaw with proven technology from the company’s automotive airbag division. What makes the REAXX unique is that it can save your saw blade or stack dado while saving your fingers. Like a SawStop saw, the REAXX runs a slight electric current through the saw blade. When something other than dry wood comes in contact with the blade, the current variation triggers the safety response. But instead of stopping the blade with an aluminum block that’s driven into the blade (the SawStop method), the REAXX simply forces the spinning blade below the table surface by firing a compressed air cartridge. Each cartridge is good for two firing events. It took me just a couple of minutes to remove a cartridge after firing, flip it 180°, reattach the wiring, and reposition the arbor assembly to make the saw operational again. Cartridges cost $99 apiece.


Quick recovery. When the arbor assembly is driven below the table, it doesn’t take long to reposition the arbor, replace or flip the dual cartridge, and get back to work

The REAXX has a simple, intuitively designed control panel right above the saw’s large paddle switch. Color-coded icons tell you that the saw is in one of 4 modes: Green = ready to use. Yellow = bypass mode (detection deactivated for cutting wet wood or other conductive material). Red = not ready to use (cartridge needs replacing or other condition). Blue = service required by dealer. Both the paddle switch and the bypass switch can be locked to prevent unauthorized or unsafe use.

With its large (293⁄4 × 223⁄8") table surface (augmented by an outfeed support that slides out nearly 20") and 4 hp,

belt-drive powertrain, this jobsite saw has what it takes to be a full-time machine in a woodworking shop. The rip fence locks solidly at front and back, and the miter gauge is worth holding onto. Provisions for tool storage (extra blades, arbor and canister wrenches, blade guard,miter gauge) are well thought out; there’s even a compartment to store an extra cartridge and the owner’s manual. But my favorite built-in feature is the integral sheath for the pushstick; it’s perfectly located on the right corner of the saw’s base.

Space saving. The stand folds to store the saw vertically, while still allowing you to roll it around.

Bosch designed convenient, tool-less mounting for the blade guard and anti-kickback pawls. Riving knife adjustments are also tool-less. Blade height and angle adjustments function well, and I like the fact that blade parallelism and bevel stop adjustments can all be made from outside the saw. Dust collection was effective when I hooked up my shop vacuum.
Weighing in at 78 lbs., the REAXX wouldn’t be portable without its Gravity-Rise stand. Fortunately, the wheeled stand comes with the saw. It folds and unfolds quickly (with a few practice runs), and the big wheels make it easy to move around a garage or jobsite. The REAXX costs about $200 more than the SawStop jobsite saw. But it’s worth considering that when the REAXX safety mechanism activates, the saw blade isn’t destroyed. The super-safe technology is impressive, but so are the saw’s other features. It’s expensive, but still a great value when you consider what you might be saving., $1,499.00
Tester: Tim Snyder

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