Hot New Tools: Issue 21

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This article is from Issue 21 of Woodcraft Magazine.

Master Shallow Mortises “Plane” and Simple

Lie-Nielsen No.71 Large Router Plane

This is the perfect tool for working shallow mortises such as hinge gains, inlay, or door locks. A recent addition to the Lie-Nielsen line, the No. 71 Router Plane is based loosely on an early Stanley model but with notable improvements. Blade depth is set with an adjustment knob for precise settings then locked in position with a second knob. This provides easy, micro adjustment for perfect fitting of hardware and proved critical when I needed to take just a hair out of a hinge gain. The blade is held in a square broached hole in the body for a solid, no-slop blade fit. 

#837416 $125.00

Woodcraft Tester: Tim Rinehart

Sanding Versatility with One Tool

Sand-Flee 18" Portable Drum Sander

If there’s one job that all woodworkers dread, it’s sanding. The Sand-Flee, with its 18"-wide sanding drum, offers enough power (1/3  hp) to tackle large jobs like raised-panel doors and face frame carcase construction, but is also delicate enough to handle projects like jewelry boxes and scrollsaw fret work. Because the sandpaper (sold separately) is hook and loop, I found changing grits a snap. Also, the tool comes with numerous accessories. The metal fence let me edge-joint short stock while the exterior drum shaft allowed me to attach a keyless chuck for use with drum sanders having mandrels, or use a flex-shaft for rotary carving and sanding. Throw in the effective dust collection port, and you have a very handy tool to add to your sander arsenal.

#831158, $699.99

Woodcraft Tester: Andrew Bondi

A Pyramid Scheme for Finishing Tasks

Painter’s Pyramid

Typically, when I apply finish to a project I usually have to wait until the top half is dry before I can finish the bottom. Not any more. With these nifty, non-stick, plastic pyramids I can support a project or project part off a potentially dirty work surface, spray or brush, and then flip the project or part to finish the opposite portion. I found they work equally well elevating coffee tables and chairs when I need to finish the bottom of the feet. The pyramids are impermeable to solvents and have rounded tips that won’t mar your work or finish. They’re inexpensive and will save you time on every finishing assignment.

#148416 10-pack, $5.99

Woodcraft Tester: Kent Harpool

Expand Your Routing Capabilities

Pinnacle Premium Router Table System

If you own a Festool MFT (Multi-Function Table), then the new Pinnacle Premium Router Table System is your next must-have item! The router tabletop fits perfectly into the recessed area of an MFT frame to provide a huge 28½ x 45¾" surface area. I liked the action and functionality of the feature-filled fence with its dust collection, variable throat capabilities, and multiple T-slots for attaching featherboards and sub-fences. Nearly 4" tall with heavy wall thickness, the fence provides optimum support for heavy and tall material. I found the flexibility of the multiple T-slot fence faces especially useful when I slipped in a pair of shop-made scrapwood stops. Install the optional Offset Module to the infeed or outfeed or both for shaper-like performance. 

NOTE: The Festool MFT is temporarily unavailable from the manufacturer. If you do not already own an MFT you can purchase a Router Table Stand kit of Rousseau components, (#148646, $119.97) to use with the Pinnacle system. 

Tabletop #148487 $199.99
36" Fence #148488 $179.99
Offset Module #148489 $44.99

Woodcraft Tester: Peter Collins

Go Mobile with Your Nailer

Jac-Pac Regulator Kit

For years I have been looking for another option to cordless nail guns that are expensive, bulky and require special maintenance. Now I can use my favorite nail gun just like a cordless one! No more dragging around heavy compressors and long hoses. I found I could clip the new CO2-powered Jac-Pac system to my belt, and I can go anywhere in the house or shop. The reusable CO2 cylinder is economical to refill (at any paintball supply or sporting goods store), and one charge fires up to 500 brads/staples. The kit includes a 9 oz. CO2 cylinder (shipped empty), 10 ft. of hose, a replacement O-ring set, safety glasses, instructions and carrying case. 

#148550 $99.99

Woodcraft Tester: James Nuckolls


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