Hot New Tools & Accessories Issue 23

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The Woodcraft Product Development Team has been busy uncovering new items to help you work wood with more precision and safety.

Epoxy adds mirror shine, protects against damage
System Three Mirror Coat

If you want to give your tabletop or countertop a mirror shine, you should try System Three Mirror Coat. This self leveling, two-part epoxy topcoat produces a clear, smooth, glossy coating that’s hard, scratch resistant, and impervious to alcohol. My kitchen table takes a beating between homework, meals, and being used as a general purpose work surface. When it came time to refinish it, I wanted something durable and protective that would let the wood grain show through. Mirror Coat seemed the perfect solution, but epoxy and I don’t always get along. (I was concerned about the consequences if I screwed up.) Actually, the process could not have been easier. Instructions for figuring the amount needed, surface prep, mixing, and application were very clear, and the application went off without a hitch. Now, my kitchen tabletop is not only bomb-proof but beautiful. The 11/2" pt. kit covers approximately 4.8 sq. ft.

#143153 1½ pt kit
#143154 1½ qt kit
#148352 3 qt kit
Woodcraft Tester: Kent Harpool

Flexible abrasive pads good for hard-to-work areas
Mirlon Total Scuff Pads

Mirlon Total is a new fine finishing and surface preparation product from Mirka Abrasives that I especially like because the 4-1/2 × 9" pads are only 1/8" thick, making them extremely flexible. Mirlon pads are made from cut fi bers coated with resin and abrasive, giving them a three-dimensional structure that has depth and flexibility unlike a piece of regular, flat sandpaper. In comparison to its competitors, the Mirlon pad measures half the thickness, and features stronger, more flexible fi bers with a denser coating. According to Mirka, Mirlon Total provides a more consistent scratch pattern and lasts longer. The pads are available in 360, 1500, and 2500 grits. I fi rst used Mirlon Total when finishing a cabinet for housing some electronic equipment. The flexibility of these pads made it easy to get into contoured areas such as trim. Unlike conventional sandpaper, I was able to use both sides of each pad. I then tried it while turning a spindle and was again impressed with the results on the irregular surfaces. You can even extend the useful life of each pad by simply blowing air through the open strands to remove accumulated dust.
#148878 1500 grit, 3 pack
#148879 2500 grit, 3 pack
#148880 assorted grit, 3 pack
Woodcraft Tester: Tim Righter

These items are no longer available however they were reviewed in this article:
Starrett 5-in-1 Combination Protractor
Dust-Collection Combo Services Hanger Bracket
Pinnacle Premium Coping Sled

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