Holiday Gift Ideas from Woodcraft for Work Areas, Projects and Family Fun

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Woodburning produced the attractive pattern on these pretty Christmas ornaments.

Give family and friends who are makers holiday gifts that will bring comfort and efficiency to their work areas, provide new project challenges, and add some family fun for good measure.

Visit your local Woodcraft store, check the Woodcraft catalog or go online at to learn more about the products featured here, plus thousands more for woodworkers, DIYers and home improvement enthusiasts.


Woodburning, also called pyrography, involves burning a pattern into wood or other material such as leather. Patterns may then be colored and otherwise embellished. Woodburning is an easy way to add your personal touch to gifts and ornaments.

The Wall Lenk 10 in 1 30 Watt Woodburning Tool and Accessories make it easy to begin woodburning and can also be used for soldering, leather craft, stencil and Styrofoam cutting.

Learn the basic woodburning concepts and tips and techniques to inspire your creativity in Learn to Burn by award-winning artist and pyrographer Simon Easton.

A quick and easy tutorial can be viewed in this Woodworking Adventures blog on how to make personalized wood slice ornaments like those featured in the opening image. 



Bring light to any work area with the NEBO Bright 6000 Lumen LED Light. No batteries, rewiring or charging required for this powerful energy efficient light that fits into any standard household light socket. Adjustable LED panels can be tilted 90° for light direction.

The Kreg Mobile Project Center KWS 1000 is a workbench, sawhorse, assembly table, and clamping station all in one – a versatile work space for DIY, repair and woodworking projects. It is easy to set up and folds to 6-1⁄2" thick for storage.


Sharpen circular saw blades, knives of all kinds, scissors, gardening shears and loppers, lawn mower blades and more indoors or outside with the M.Power 5N1 Double-Sided Diamond File with Handle.

Frameless Pyramex Itek Safety Glasses protect the wearer’s eyes in applications and environments where a full field of vision is ideal, if not essential.


For finishing by hand, Redtree Onyx White China Bristle Brushes work for solvent-based coatings, including enamels, varnishes, urethanes, lacquers and shellac, while Redtree Brush Matey Synthetic Bristle Brushes work for water-based coatings.


Wagner Spraytech Spray Shelters

To help reduce overspray, Wagner Spraytech Spray Shelters are ideal.

Small Shelter (2-1/2 ' x 3' x 3-1/4 '.) and medium shelter (4'7” W x 4'7” D x 5'6” H) each have a built-in floor and rear vents to handle air pressure from the spray gun over the front opening to protect recently painted objects.

Large shelter (6' x 9' x 5.5') has no floor, so use of a drop cloth underneath is recommended. Shelter does have a mesh screen, which drops over the front opening to protect freshly painted projects.


The lightweight Elipse Respirator OV/P100, available in two sizes, has an active carbon filter that makes it the perfect respirator for finishers. It is approved for paint vapors up to 5,000 parts per million, solvents, and Cyclohexene, as well as offering protection against other dangerous fumes.

Author Teri Masaschi shows how to choose, use, and apply the perfect finish in Foolproof Wood Finishing, Revised Edition. Readers learn step-by-step as they work their way through 51 proven and easy-to-follow finishing exercises



Children and adults will enjoy building a home or feeder for the birds who hang out in their yard.

SawDust Bros. Bird Feeder and Shack and Barn Birdhouse Kits are perfect family projects to encourage birds to move into the neighborhood.

Quality hardwood kits include precut pieces, Cedar shakes for the roof, trim to create windows, fasteners needed to complete the birdhouse or feeder, detailed instructions, and Plexiglas for the feeder. Paint or decorate to suit any style.

Bird feeder measures 10" tall x 10" wide x 8" deep.

Shack Birdhouse measures 8-1/2" tall x 6-1/2" wide x 6-1/2" deep.

Barn Birdhouse measures 9-1/4" tall x 6-1/2" wide x 8-1/4" deep.

PlaySTEAM Rubberband Aeroplane Science Planes – Biplane, High Wing, Low Wing and Seaplane – are educational kits that provide the perfect outdoor family project. Children age 14 and older (and some adults) will learn about aeronautics and physics as they assemble and fly a plane using the included booklet.

A Camillus Kit was used to make this Titanium Fulgur Liner Lock Folder Blade Knife. Black and White Ebony scales (sold separately) were used to make the handle.

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For those who like knives, the Camillus Titanium Fulgur Liner Lock Folder Blade Kit is easy to make. Blade is made of cutlery grade stainless steel.  Choose wood or man-made knife scales (sold separately) to shape, mount and finish a custom handle.


The “Choose It Yourself” Gift

Woodcraft® Gift Cards are available at and at Woodcraft retail stores. Choose a $25, $50, $100, $150, $200, $250, or $500 gift. For additional dollar amounts, ask a store associate or call Woodcraft customer service (800-225-1153).

A Woodcraft Email Gift Card is the perfect last-minute gift! Visit to order one.


Holiday Tip – While shopping Woodcraft for gifts to give family and friends, check out what you might like for yourself … just in case someone asks!

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