Holiday Carousel

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Add a warm glow to the season with this intriguing heat-actuated decoration.

Designed and built by Tom Whalley

Overall Dimensions: 81⁄2"w × 81⁄2"l × 111⁄4"h 

The Christmas pyramid (or holiday carousel), a decoration that originated in the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains) of Germany, has now taken root in this country, serving as an eye-catching centerpiece. It typically depicts either a Christian or secular motif such as a Nativity or charming winter scene (like the one shown here). While many buy such a table whirligig online, we developed a totally unique design for you to build, and include patterns and processes to help shape the parts safely and accurately. Once assembled and pressed into service, you’ll find onlookers enjoying how the heat from the candles propels the fan, which, in turn, rotates the fir tree and faceted snowmen.

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