History Stick

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Keep close track of the growth of your little ones on this easy-to-make removable stick.

I was recently charged with the task of painting the trim in my kitchen and quickly realized that a little bit of history was about to be lost. If your family is like mine, you have a door frame somewhere in your house marked with the heights of your kids, their friends and maybe a dog or two. With the prospect of losing 14 years of growth records I grabbed a roll of tracing paper and copied every mark and notation. My original plan was to recopy them all after the new coat of paint dried, but I realized that eventually I’d be faced with the same problem again. 

As usual, the solution came to me as I awoke one morning. Cut a length of thin stock, tack it in the door jamb, transfer the heights, and should I have to paint again the board could easily be removed and replaced when done. Of course, I added a little detail to the piece, but overall, this is a quick project that can be finished in an hour or two.

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