Heirloom Pendulum Cradle

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Designer/Builder/Writer: Ben Svec

There’s a new twist in this family-friendly project. You can knock it down flat, and then reassemble it using only 4 and 5 mm Allen wrenches. The secret lies in the keyhole hangers and connector nuts and bolts. The process takes but a few minutes. When knocked down, the eight parts can fit neatly in your car trunk, or store in a closet. That adds versatility to the cradle’s good looks, making it ideal for setting it up at the grandparents’ house for a weekend of babysitting.

All the solid wood parts in this project are made from 3/4" stock. Even the 11/2"-thick feet start out as 3/4"-thick halves that are laminated after cutting the dadoes that make up the mortises. This feature allows you to rough-cut the parts at once, matching the wood grain, color, and speeding up the building process.

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