Handcraft Holiday Gifts This Year with Help from Woodcraft

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Put handmade gifts under the tree this year – with help from Woodcraft!

Nothing says “I care” like a gift you make with your hands – from your heart. Woodcraft has an extensive selection of kits, plans and how-to videos and blogs to help the serious gift-giver create a present to remember. And, for the folks who don’t need a kit, Woodcraft offers all the tools, materials and supplies to create a gift “from scratch.”

Custom Knives

Whether you have a chef, an outdoorsman/camper, or a survivalist on your gift list, a handmade knife will be a welcome gift. Select a knife kit and wood or man-made scale (handle) material to build a custom outdoor or kitchen knife. WoodRiver® Mosaic Pins add a decorative touch.

WoodRiver Drop Point Hunter's Knife Kit.

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WoodRiver Drop Point Hunter's Knife finished with Bolivian Rosewood knife scales (handle) and WoodRiver Mosaic Pins, all sold separately.

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WoodRiver® knife kits for camping, hunting, skinning, filleting, and other outdoor tasks include Drop Point Skinner or Modified Skinner, Fillet, Drop Point Hunter, Tanto Style, Spear Point, Alaskan ULU and a Camp Axe. Camillus and Sarge Knife Kits are also available at Woodcraft. 

ZHEN 101-Layer German Damascus Steel Chef’s Knife Blank.

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Finished ZHEN 101-Layer German Damascus Steel Chef’s Knife (handle material sold separately).

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ZHEN Kitchen Knife Kits include several types such as paring, chef’s, bread, cleaver, santoku, nakiri, and chopping – all with attractive steel blanks.

To learn about knife making, watch WoodRiver Knife Kit Build and read this blog: Handcrafting a Custom Knife on woodcraft.com.

Eye-Catching Cutting Boards

Cutting Boards the Easy Way – with Woodcraft Kits

These Brownwood, Marblewood, Purpleheart, Wenge and Maple pieces  make a cutting board about 3/4" x 9-1/2" x 16".

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Cherry, Maple and Purpleheart pieces in this kit will make a cutting board about 3/4" x 5" x 16".

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A cutting board is the perfect present for those who love to cook, especially if it is attractive as well as functional. Make one or more custom cutting boards with a Woodcraft kit. To make the process easier, Woodcraft kits include a selection of different woods that have already been milled. Arrange wood pieces to please the artist in you, glue together, clamp, and then sand.

Watch The Quick, Customized Cutting Board in 6 Simple Steps on woodcraft.com to learn how to make a cutting board using a kit.

Cutting Boards from Wood Selection to Final Finish

These eye-catching cutting boards are two of many featured in CUT-ABOVE CUTTING BOARDS” that appeared in Woodcraft Magazine Issue 74, DEC/JAN 2017.

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Make this custom football cutting board with a downloadable Woodcraft Magazine plan.

Purchase Plan

If you prefer to select your own wood and build a cutting board without a kit, Woodcraft Magazine offers some helpful information. “Cut-Above Cutting Boards” from Issue 74 is available as a pdf download on woodcraft.com. The article is a guide to building extraordinary cutting boards that reflect the maker’s creativity. Directions are given to make different sizes and shapes and combine different woods to create eye-pleasing patterns.

Woodcraft Magazine also offers downloadable plans to make custom cutting boards in the shape of a football and a flag and a paper plan to build an end-grain cutting board that features a geometric pattern reminiscent of weaving.

To help cutting board makers who prefer rounded corners, Woodcraft carries the MDF Corner Radius Template to cut perfect corners.

Pens and Other Small Turned Project Kits

Pen turning is one of the easiest woodworking skills to learn – one that can become habit-forming. Woodcraft’s huge variety of pen kits and blanks make handcrafted pens the perfect custom gifts that can reflect the recipient’s favorite color, sport or hobby, military service, or profession (firefighter, police officer).

The WoodRiver Slim Style Satin Finish Straight Pen Kit shown here was completed with a cocobolo wood pen blank (sold separately).

For those who are not turners but want to turn a pen, watch Pen Turning 101 Presented by Woodcraft. “Pen Turning 101,” a Woodcraft Magazine article, may be read online or downloaded as a pdf on woodcraft.com.

To view more pen kits and blanks, read Woodcraft Pen Kits Celebrate Firefighters, EMTs, Police, Soldiers & Special Interests.

Other turning options include WoodRiver® kits for making bottle stoppers, ornaments, pepper and salt mills, pizza cutters, ice cream and coffee scoops, vegetable peelers, cheese planes, roasting forks, and canes, to name just a few items.

Finished WoodRiver Teardop Bottle Stopper Kit (turning material sold separately).

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Finished WoodRiver Pump-N-Grind Pepper Mill Turning Kit (turning material sold separately).

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Finished WoodRiver 2-1/2" Miniature Chrome Pizza Cutter Turning Kit (turning material sold separately).

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Create One-of-a-Kind Rings

Ring turning begins with selection of a Titanium Comfort Ring Core and wood or man-made material (sold separately) to cover it.

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Finished rings.

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Make unique jewelry with WoodRiver® Titanium Comfort Ring Cores. Select a core the size of the giftee’s finger, and then choose from Woodcraft’s attractive offering of wood and man-made blanks (sold separately) to turn a cover for the core. Bushings are required (sold separately). Ring sizing gauges and display boxes are also available.  

Watch How to Turn Our Comfort Core Ring Kits to learn the steps in using a ring core to make a beautiful piece of jewelry.


For those interested in carving a present, Woodcraft carries an extensive selection of superior quality pfeil Swiss Made Carving Tools and Flexcut Carving Tools for carvers of all skill levels.

Flexcut Starter Carving Set with free relief carving DVD.

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12-piece pfeil Swiss Made Brienz Collection of full size carving tools and tool roll.

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For beginners, Woodcraft carries two how-to products.

Fox Chapel Learn to Carve Kit for carving a Santa Face. Learn to carve female, cowboy and wood spirit faces with other kits.

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Record Power combines 12 carving tools, a how-to DVD and an instructional booklet.

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Fox Chapel Learn to Carve Kits – Renowned carver Harold Enlow has designed hand cast resin sticks with a natural wood stain that provide a visual step-by-step carving progression to make realistic caricatures and facial features. Kits also include a 32-page how-to booklet.

Record Power 12-Piece Carving Chisel Set Each set includes a tutorial DVD and booklet from internationally acclaimed carver and teacher Mike Davies, who has developed a unique “carving by numbers” system that is ideal for the novice carving enthusiast. DVD features his Significant Six carving techniques that will form a solid foundation for an aspiring woodcarver’s skills

Build Beautiful Model Kits

UGears has created a series of wood Model Kits that range from miniature aircraft (10-19 parts; estimated completion in 10 minutes) to the Trimaran Merihobus Sailboat that takes about 15 hours to assemble its 237 parts.

UGears U-Fidgets Ships include a sailing yacht, sailboat, boat and submarine. Number of parts range from 12 to 17, and assembly time for each is about 10 minutes. No tools or glue required.

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The 190 pieces in this UGears Treasure Box Mechanical Puzzle can be assembled in about three hours. Box contains a compartment that can be opened and closed using a key that also sets the gears in motion.

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Put down the electronics and build one of these attractive models – no glue or tools required – or give a model kit as a gift. To see other UGears model kits, click here.

Plans and Books

Build a 12-3/4" w x 6-3/4" d x 43/8" h Jewelry/Keepsake Box with this downloadable plan from Woodcraft Magazine (also available as a paper plan).

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Create some heirloom toys for children with instructions in this book.

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Woodcraft carries an extensive selection of paper and downloadable plans and books about making toys, jewelry boxes, furniture, and a lot more.

Don’t Forget Glues, Finishes and Other Supplies

To learn more about kits and other products for making gifts, as well as the glues, finishes and other supplies you may need, visit your local Woodcraft store, call (800) 535-4482, or go online at woodcraft.com.

Woodcraft Turner’s Finishing Kit includes: WoodRiver Turner’s Sanding Pack, Micro-Mesh Pen Sanding Kit, HUT Crystal Coat and HUT Ultra Gloss Plastic Polish.

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Titebond Instant Bond Wood Adhesive Thick.

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Howard Cutting Board Oil.

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