Hand-Carved Weather Station

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Sharpen your carving and forecasting skills with this pleasing wall plaque.

Designer/Carver: Michael Kehs

Weather has always been a great conversation starter. So, too, is this themed weather station. We teamed up with Pennsylvania craftsman/carver Michael Kehs to develop this appealing design employing three popular weather station components: a thermometer, hygrometer, and barometer. Guaranteed to take your relief-carving skills up a notch, not only will this project challenge beginning carvers, it also has enough twists and turns to keep the interest of veterans. 

     We list  the tools that Kehs used in the Convenience-Plus Buying Guide on page 40. But if you already own carving tools, by all means, feel free to make substitutions. Along with sharp tools (see “Sharpening Made Simple” on page 38), carving requires physical power and control.  To achieve the best control, keep as much of your steering hand and arm in contact with the work as possible. In a sense, you’re pushing forward with one hand while pushing back with the other. For some cuts, use a mallet for controlled power.

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