GRR-Ripper® System Presented by Woodcraft

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The Advanced GRR-Ripper® System

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#820434 The Advanced GRR-Ripper® System Model GR200

Price: $74.99


#146915 Handle Bridge Set

Price: $13.99


INFORMATION VIDEOS ARTICLES The Gripper is a revolutionary, universal pushing jig for all table saw, router table and jointer users. This is the first tool that grips and holds both sides of work piece during a ripping operation. Unlike a push stick or push block, the Gripper maintains balanced pressure on a work piece as it passes through and beyond the blade. 

•Maintains a parallel, forward direction with the blade while keeping pressure against your rip fence to prevent burning
•Eliminates the need to feed stock with your bare hands providing 100% protection
•You can cut strips as thin as 1/4" without any special setup so there is no need to throw away those small scrap pieces
•The unit can be offset to accommodate small, irregular shaped, pieces on the router table
•Includes main body, handle, 1/4" side leg, 1/2" side leg, center leg, adjustable spacer, stabilizing accessory plate, balance support and comprehensive users manual

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