Great Gear: Valuable and reusable sandpaper

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This article is from issue 111 of Woodcraft Magazine

Valuable and reusable sandpaper

Diablo Sandpapers

In terms of material removal and eliminating scratch patterns as you move through the grits, I’ve found Diablo SandNet to have a slight edge over other mesh-style sandpapers. It’s ceramic make-up cuts fast, and the nylon coating reduces pitch buildup. In the box, Diablo includes a connection pad that fits most sanders. Between this pad and the sheets’ hook and loop design, it never loses grip. But where Diablo stands above is that it maintains efficiency for much longer. Plus, when a SandNet sheet clogs, simply pull it from your sander and shake off the dust or hit it with a burst of air from your compressor, reapply, and get back to work with the same sheet. If it gets really jammed up, run the sheet under water to clean it up. Sanding is notoriously boring, but it can be a little less tedious and costly with Diablo SandNet.

—Chad McClung


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