Great Gear: Tough Towels for the Shop

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This article is from Issue 104 of Woodcraft Magazine.

Scott Shop Towels 3 rolls,, $5.97

I first noticed these heavy-duty blue paper towels years ago in my dad’s garage. He’d use them to wipe up grease and grime after working on his Harley. These days, I make sure to have a roll in my woodshop for use as general shop rags. I use them to clean up squeezeout and to wipe down projects after sanding. These tough towels work even when wet and are great for applying finish. They’re lint-free and durable enough to apply smooth, consistent coats. I especially enjoy using them to apply finish to turned projects spinning on the lathe. They stand up to the friction and rip free should one catch, rather than twist up as an old t-shirt might. The rolls fit standard paper towel dispensers, and the perforated sheets are the perfect size for most tasks. You can find them as single rolls or multi-packs for a few bucks at the home center.

—Chad McClung


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