Great Gear: Super support for work with small parts

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This article is from issue 116 of Woodcraft Magazine.

Super support for work with small parts

Helping-Hand Magnifier/Light/Clamp

Helping-Hand with callouts: Magnifying glass, LED spotlight, Alligator clip | Features: Medium-high | Utility: Medium
There are some tools in my shop that I don’t have a lot of call for, but their usefulness becomes apparent when the need arises. The helping-hand magnifier/light/clamp fits in this category. Although it’s meant for jewelers, miniaturists, and model makers, it also has many uses in the woodshop from holding delicate wood parts to repairing and soldering electrical components. Its magnifying glass, LED spotlight, and alligator clips provide a better view and dexterous agility to reduce frustration when working with small parts. Adjusting the helping-hand components is easy — ball joints allow a full range of adjustments while locking thumb screws tighten securely. The base is cast iron, so it mostly keeps the device from tipping, but in some work situations, it needs to be clamped to the bench. It would be helpful if the base had a couple of holes for screwing to a piece of plywood. While many of its applications might not relate directly to woodworking, the helping-hand is one of those devices that really shines when you need it. 

Larry Okrend


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