Great Gear: Not half bad!

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This article is from Issue 108 of Woodcraft Magazine

Microjig FitFinder 1⁄2 Gauge |, $34.99

Not half bad!

Of all the fractions used in woodworking, half is the easiest to calculate. It can also be frustratingly difficult to accurately measure, particularly on thin or imprecisely milled stock. Three-quarter inch plywood rarely is, and even that 5/8" door stile you meticulously milled may be off a few hundredths under or over. Microjig’s Fitfinder ½ Gauge removes those inaccuracies, quickly, easily, and accurately locating the center of pieces up to 3" thick. Put one leg on your workpiece, and the other leg automatically adjusts to half that thickness. There’s no slop, and the legs can be locked in place with knobs, making it easy to transfer the measurement to your dado stack, router bit, or an adjoining board. What little space it takes up in the shop is well worth the essential tasks it performs: ensuring that your half-lap joints are exactly that; finding centerline on sheet goods and milled stock; helping to set up a bandsaw fence for resawing boards; and finding dowel centers to name a few.

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