Great Gear: No-math accuracy

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This article is from issue 111 of Woodcraft Magazine

No-math accuracy

General 147 Digital Caliper

One of my basic woodworking rules is that I can’t make a measuring mistake if I don’t measure. I’m a cut-to-fit guy. But when I do need to measure something, I want a fast, easy-to-read, and accurate result. That’s when I reach for my stainless steel General 147 digital caliper with 6-inch capacity. The large LCD readout displays your choice of three modes: fractional inches, digital inches, and millimeters. Select the one you want by toggling the mode button at left. Rated accuracy is plus or minus 0.001" or 0.02 mm. The center button is the on/off switch, but the caliper also has automatic shut-off to preserve its battery. The zero button at right allows you to reset at any point along the beam to measure the difference between two points—no math required. In addition to inside and outside dimensions, the tool also measures depth. A fitted foam-lined plastic case houses the tool when not in use and stores a spare battery as well as a tiny screwdriver to access the compartment.

—Robert J. Settich


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