Great Gear: Miter saw hood corrals dust

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This article is from issue 112 of Woodcraft Magazine.

Miter saw hood corrals dust

FastCap Original Saw Hood

Connecting a dust-collection hose to my miter saw caught only a fraction of the debris, with the majority of it spraying throughout my shop. To get enough airflow to completely conquer the problem, I would probably need to invest in a wind-tunnel turbine. Instead, I decided to try The Original Saw Hood from FastCap.

After some minor assembly, stout pins in the hood’s frame dropped into accessory holes in the saw’s chassis. The hood removes quickly and folds flat for storage or carrying to a job site. The top of the hood has a clear plastic panel to admit light, but I clip on a small lamp for improved visibility. The setup includes a front panel that prevents dust from ricocheting out of the hood. You easily attach it with the sewn-on hook-and-loop strips. The slick fabric of the hood helps most dust slide into a bucket on the floor. And the hood is waterproof, so you can also use it with a wet tile saw. Paired with a shop vacuum, this is a worthy investment for quality dust control at the miter saw.

—Robert J. Settich


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