Great Gear: Issue 88

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This article is from Issue 88 of Woodcraft Magazine.

Brother P-Touch Label Maker, $49.99

Make sense with stickers 

There’s a place for everything in my shared workshop, but until recently, no one knew where that place might be. To rectify this, I enlisted the help of an electronic label maker that I originally purchased to organize tax records. The labeler hasn’t left my shop since. The portable printer’s type is easier to read than the important-but-miniscule info printed on a tool, and my handwritten scribbles with a Sharpie. Another plus: The tags don’t smudge, and can be peeled off as storage needs change. In addition to labeling hardware bins and cases for tools, drill bits, and other items, I’ve stuck all sorts of reminders in the shop. The labels make it easier for my shopmates to find what they’re looking for, and, at the end of the day I don’t hear, “Where does this go?” 

—Joe Hurst-Wajszczuk

WoodRiver 400/1200 Diamond Stone #163082, $79.99

Affordable diamonds

I’ve found that a coarse diamond stone can just about eliminate the need for a grinding wheel. Sure, it takes a little longer to repair a nicked edge compared to what you can do on a grinder, but consider the advantages: It’s a super-compact sharpening solution that doesn’t shoot sparks or put you at risk of burning a cutting edge. The WoodRiver 400/1200 diamond stone lets you enjoy these advantages for a very affordable price. For under $80, you get a large (10 × 2-3/4") 400-grit surface that aggressively removes metal. On the flip side of the stone, 1200-grit diamonds enable you to refine the scratch pattern in preparation for honing. In addition to sharpening, the stone is big enough to do useful flattening work on chisels, plane irons, and small block planes. 

—Tim Snyder


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