Great Gear: Issue 100

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This article is from Issue 100 of Woodcraft Magazine.

Whiteside 5-Piece Brass Set-up Gauges #836311, $19.99

Best bars for fast, accurate tool setup

Before I bought these brass bars from Whiteside, tool setups were slow and tedious. Now, I use them to quickly set my handheld router for accurate plunge cuts. At the router table, I can position the bit as well as locate the fence. I’m also a fan of using these gauges to set my blade height at the table saw. After sawing a test rabbet, dado, or groove, I drop in the appropriate bar to gauge the depth or width. The brass is easy on bits and blades, and I’m always finding new uses for them. The pack includes five precisely machined 4"-long bars perfectly squared to 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2". Of course, you can also combine them to create additional dimensions; for example stacking the 1/8" and the 3/16" to get 5/16". All together, you can measure 1-7/16". Add a set to your shop for only twenty bucks.

—Chad McClung

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