Great Gear: Everything You Could Mask For

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This article is from Issue 102 of Woodcraft Magazine.

Dust Bee Gone - Large Mask #141152, $39.99

Over the last year, the general public has learned what woodworkers always knew: No matter how well a mask works, you won’t wear one unless it’s comfortable.

I’ve used Dust Bee Gone’s nuisance dust mask for years and appreciate its features even more post-pandemic. The polyester monofilament filter is lightweight, breathable, and easy to talk through. While it’s not NIOSH rated and doesn’t filter fumes, this mask does block particulates down to 3 microns, making it suitable for general woodworking. It is also effective against pollen and mold, so I find myself grabbing it for yard work and home repairs too.

Two 3/4" wide adjustable elastic straps secure the mask around the back of the head. The upper strap slides to adjust, while the bottom employs a hook and-loop closure. Over the nose, a bendable wire creates a close fit, preventing foggy glasses. It’s easy to fit, comfortable to wear, and stays put.

Because the filter is water-safe, the Dust Bee Gone mask can be worn wet to promote cooling. Clean it by swishing it in soapy water, then twirl it like a lasso to dry. It’s also bleach-safe for more thorough cleanings, just be sure to rinse well afterwards.

The Dust Bee Gone comes in multiple sizes, from youth to extra-large adults, each color-coded for easy identification.
—Derek Richmond

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