Great Gear: A comfy shop perch

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This article is from issue 112 of Woodcraft Magazine.

A comfy shop perch

Vyper Robust Steel Max Quick Height Chair

For tasks such as carving and scrollsawing, there is nothing like having a stable seat to sit on while you’re getting the job done. Vyper’s shop chair provides just that. This beefy, U.S.-made shop accessory features a firm, cushioned seat atop a very surefooted, five-wheel base. It’s height-adjustable, so you can fit it to the task at hand. The casters are large enough to easily roll over debris and even cords as you move the chair around and set widely enough apart that there is virtually no chance of turning the chair over. And the padded backrest provides good support when you need to lean back and stretch. I’ve found my Vyper to be a wonderful upgrade to the old metal stool I had previously. In addition to the aforementioned tasks, I also use it regularly when inputting information for my CNC machine and when working on small projects such as the dragonfly on page 22. 

—Ken Burton


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