Good-As-Gold Picture Frames

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Cover all or part of a basic wood picture frame with Sepp’s new variegated gold leaf to create gifts with the Midas touch.

Gold, aluminum, and copper leaf and gilding kits have been around for years and proved a novel way to enhance the beauty of practically anything made of wood, plastic, or metal. This year, gilding kit maker Sepp Leaf Products, Inc. introduced its new line of variegated leaf, shown on the frames below. Like its other tissue-thin leaf products, variegated gold leaf goes on easily and flawlessly, making it perfectly suited for even the rank beginner. To put it to good use, we designed a simple 6½ x 8½" picture frame (for 5 x 7" photos) that you can build from scrap and adorn with variegated leaf. Need a quick and simple project for your holiday gift-giving, something with real pizazz? Here it is!

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