Geo Boxes

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The perfect gift for anyone from anywhere.

Personalized presents are the best presents. Unfortunately, you may not always be able to target someone’s particular personality or interests. However, you can always honor their geographical roots with a geo box. This concept of geo boxes arose when I wanted to make a special present for a Hungarian woodworker friend. I had been making bandsaw boxes at the time and figured Frank might appreciate a box of his native country. However, I soon realized that my bandsaw blades just weren’t capable of finessing the detail of Hungary’s borders. (If only he hailed from Colorado.) No problem; the box was small enough that I could cut its neatly detailed profile on my scrollsaw. I augmented the lid by insetting a star for Budapest and painting in a knifed Danube river. When I presented the box to Frank, he happily recognized his mother country. Here, I’ll provide the road map for you to send a bit of treasured wood for a ride across the scrollsaw and bandsaw into someone’s birthplace, adopted home, or other wellloved land. Bon voyage!

Geo Boxes

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