General International Introduces New Systems at Woodcraft Vendor Trade Show 2012

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General International introduced their new Excalibur Deluxe Router Table Kits in bench top and floor models. The table top router kit can also be mounted to a tablesaw.  These systems are scheduled to be in your Woodcraft store and online sometime in July 2012 with the exception of a stock pushing device and an externally controlled VS switching system for the router motor, both still in the final stages of design and fabrication, which will be available Fall of 2012. Whether you wish to purchase a floor or bench top model, you will find that the systems will be offered in separate SKU component fashion as is shown in the video below.

Table tops are offered in 2 sizes, 16″ x 27″ for the table top version and 32″ x 24″ for the floor model version, both to be available in three table top material choices; cast-iron, phenolic and MDF. When attaching the table top router kit to your tablesaw, using the 55lb, 16″ x 27″ cast-iron top will be your only method of choice. Excalibur product manager Patrick Magro stated,  “The phenolic and MDF versions are not setup to be used in this fashion and the 32″ x 24″ top is over 200 lbs, making it too heavy for a tablesaw mount.” Patrick also mentioned, “At this point the units will be shown assembled in the stores but sold as separate components, although there is talk of complete assembled offerings being discussed.”

There was great interest from the attendees at the Woodcraft Vendor Trade Show for all of these product lines.

The 16″ x 27″ cast-iron top is shown below attached to a tablesaw.

Separate purchased accessories will consist of the router fence…

stand, router lift, dust collection outlet, router fence…

and a choice from the table tops in different materials mentioned above.

Additional details of these systems can be found on the General International Excalibur website or by clicking on the first 2 kit photos above. These new router systems will be a welcome addition to the General International Excalibur “Ultimate Woodworking System.” Since the brand start-up in the Spring of 2006, the Excalibur brand continues to be a strong yet user friendly product line with the experience, quality and support you would expect from all the fine individuals at General. Two such individuals we caught up with at the show were Patrick Magro and Steve Stevenson, Marketing Director for the CNC product line.

Look for these new router systems in July 2012 at your local Woodcraft store or online.

More to come from the Woodcraft Vendor Trade Show, stay linked!…Frank


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