Garden Obelisk

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Help your garden grow up with a mini-monument for climbing plants.

My wife is an avid gardener, and I love woodworking. We’ve been able to create some nice projects by combining these two passions, including the garden obelisk featured here. These wooden steeples can be attractive punctuation marks in many yards and gardens, creating focal points that integrate architecture with the natural beauty of climbing plants.

We found that the wooden obelisks we purchased were too easily damaged; their nailed-together joints can’t stand up to New England’s blustery weather. Why not make a “woodworker’s obelisk,” that can provide any yard with a peak experience, while standing strong and long? 

If you like this design, I suggest buying enough lumber for two or more. Even if you only use one in your garden, any friend with a green thumb is sure to want one.

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